First Remote Deposit,

making things simple and saving you time!

At First Financial we understand that time is a valuable commodity. We

are committed to keeping things simple and saving you time.

First Remote Deposit provides our business clients the convenience of making check

deposits without leaving their office by using their computer and a stand-alone scanner

which is provided by the bank. Not sending an employee out to the bank allows greater

staff productivity as well as enhancing their personal security. Clients receive an email

confirmation of their deposit(s) in place of a receipt. This product is not only simple to

use but provides great reporting that businesses rely on. Client's credit(s) is available

today as long as their deposit(s) is made before the deadlines listed below.

Deadlines are all local time to the respective time zone:

Eastern Time Zone: 8:30 PM

Central Time Zone: 7:30 PM

Mountain Time Zone: 6:30 PM

Pacific Time Zone: 5:30 PM